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The poverty level in Haiti is unbearable and as always, the children are the forefront of it all. I was already sponsoring several needy children, and I decided to start a vocational center to provide skills and training to other needy youths in the community. Many of them are orphans in need of vocational skills necessary in order to become self sufficient.

Furthermore, there are too many orphans desperately needing a safe home. Their numbers have grown exponentially since the earthquake in 2010. Many mothers are found roaming the streets; they are unable to provide even the basic care for their children. As a result, they are giving their children up to other family members or even to total strangers in the hopes they will be taken care of, thereby having a chance for a better life. However, in reality, many of those children find themselves victims of "modern day slavery" or what is commonly referred to within the country as "reste avec". They are often abused and neglected.

One man alone can make a small difference but a community can make a world of difference and bring hope into the lives of those needy children. In response to this dire need, Spare-a-coin 2savchildren, Inc. was founded in July 2012.