We believe that children, no matter where they live or where they're from should grow up in an environment free of abuses and neglect. They should be given a fair chance to live their lives happily and become productive human beings.

Spare-A-Coin 2savchildren has a growing number of non board members. Those members are volunteers that believe in our mission and support our programs. They are the driving force behind our organization. Their acts of kindness and unselfishness allow us to continue to provide assistance to needy children and restore hope in their lives. Their support comes in a variety of ways. Many of them contribute by sharing with us their good ideas, time, in-kind and financial supports. Any individual or organization who believes in helping children in need and joins us in opening the door of opportunity to put them on the right path to success is qualified to be called a member of our organization.

Please join us in our quest to help the poor and needy children in Haiti and other places in the world in order to help break the cycle of poverty and despair that is so prevalent in their lives. It would not be realistic to save all the children, but with your caring heart and commitment we can achieve our goals, one child at a time.


Experts and professionals in all fields to travel to different overseas locations to provide mentoring to our students and staff.



Doctors, nurses, and other health care professionals needed to travel and help provide much needed medical care to the needy in Haiti.

Health Care


Helping to store, sort and box donated items earmarked to the needy in Haiti.



Helping to plan and organize an aspect of one of our annual events.

Special Events


Assess the needs within our organization and plan your own opportunity. Let us know about your strengths, interests and schedule and we will find you a fit. 

Case Management