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A Brief Story of the Almost Forgotten Little Girl

During one of my visits to Haiti, I met this little girl who goes by the name of Poupee, so called because she looks like a doll. Her mom couldn't care for her, so she was staying with her aunt. But unfortunately, the situation wasn't much better with the aunt. Instead of going to school, she was made to stay home and doing chores well beyond her capacity. And when she wasn't working, she was hopelessly roaming the dusty streets in her neighborhood. I decided to get her new uniforms and enrolled her in school. Thanks to our organization, she has been attending school regularly for the last seven years and doing extremely well. Please support our organization to give opportunities to other needy children like Poupee.

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Potential for a Better Learning Environment

Institution Mixte Jules Boliere (IMJB), formerly known as Institution Mixte Pelerin de Deschapelles was founded by Pastor Jules Boliere in October 1975 to educate primary grade level school children in an established Christian foundation where they can learn academically as well as the scriptures from the Gospel. In 2011, the secondary school was added. There are approximately 550 students in attendance. It is very well known for its academics excellence and attracts students from faraway places. However, the vast majority of them cannot afford to pay any tuition.
The buildings are very old and the classrooms are in very bad conditions, poorly ventilated and dark. Moreover, the buildings are covered with metal tin roofs which produces a lot of heat and makes it very uncomfortable for the children. We need your help to rebuild the school and provide a better learning environment for the children..


Spare-A-Coin 2savchildren, Inc. is a 501 (c)3 non-profit organization that aims to provide food, clothing, shelter, health care, education, job skills and training to underprivileged children in Haiti and worldwide in an effort to help break the cycle of poverty and despair that is so prevalent in their lives.


We believe that children no matter where they live should grow up in an environment free of abuse and neglect and be afforded the opportunity to become productive members of society. Tragically, thousands of children in Haiti are in dire need right now and sadly, many of them will die as a result of their enduring hardships. Your support to this organization will go a long way toward transforming our mission statement from merely words to making a significant impact in the lives of those desperately needy children.