We must start here. When the basics have been provided, such as food, clothing, shelter, healthcare, education, job skills and training, then the healing begins.

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Transformation will start when the children feel like someone cares. We have seen this happen with our children already and we continue on this process. However, there are so many...

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school needed in haiti

To educate is to open the eyes to a new world. Once they are educated, we can help find ways for these children to grow and help think for themselves. Could you imagine your life if you couldn't read? Schools are a necessity.

Help build a school


We see at risk children everyday, and it breaks our heart. Placing these chilldren in shelters or "safe homes" will prevent them from becoming "child slaves".

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  • "Thank God my children were born in the United States of America. I couldn't even imagine the pain some of the moms must feel not being able to provide for their children".

    Jacqueline Nadel

    "It's great to see children in Haiti that are in such need being touched by Spare-a-coin 2savchildren. Children should never have to suffer with poverty and this organization recognizes that and works hard to provide the much needed necessities children in Haiti are lacking. Spare-a-coin 2savchildren sees a child in need and answers to the call to fill that need. "


  • "I sponsored a little boy's schooling this year. His father is deceased and his mother is too destitute to care for him. It was great to see how excited he was at the opportunity to go to school and learn. I was very touched by the appreciation his mother showed. All parents want what's best for their children and through this organization, I helped this mother regain hope in the future of her son.  That's a wonderful feeling!"


    "I praise God that there are ministries such as yours, touching the lives of thousands.  You are truly God's hand extended.  Thank you. "